Two-way Rentals

Two-way Radio Rentals Missouri

Radio Comm Co. has a large inventory of professional two-way radios. Contact us for a great deal on your next short-term or long-term two-way radio rental.

Two way radio rentals are the perfect communications solution for:

  • Temporary Communication Needs
  • Family Travel
  • Sporting Events
  • Factory Shutdowns
  • Street Fairs / Carnivals
  • Political Events
  • Security
  • Golf Outings
  • Film and TV
  • Entertainment and Concerts
  • Holiday Events / Staffing

Have a special event, plant turn-around or busy season coming up where you need extra two-way radios, but don't want to purchase them to only have them used once a year?

Radio Comm Co. offers quality two-way radios for rental by day, week, month or year. Let us know the scope of your event and we'll line you up with two-way radios, repeaters and accessories. Large or small we can handle the event with our large fleet of dependable rental equipment.

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