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Radio Comm Co. has been providing two-way radio and business solutions since 1965. A communication solution provider offering system design, equipment repair, tower services, FCC Licensing, and much more.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the very best communication services to every customer through quality products, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, with real people to take care of all of your communication needs. We have no desire to be the biggest communications company, just the best.

Our History

RCC, Inc. d/b/a Radio Comm Co. was established in 1965 as a two-way radio sales, service and repair business. At that time, Radio Comm was the 2nd two-way radio company in Eastern Missouri and serviced communications systems from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond. Harvey Jacquin operated the company out of his service van. From its humble beginning, Radio Comm established the area's first mobile telephone systems and the bi-state's largest paging service. However, we never strayed far from our roots and still fully design, install and maintain state of the art two-way radio and wireless communications systems.


RCC, Inc., D/B/A Radio Comm Co., in keeping with its mission of providing the highest quality of service to its customers, does not discriminate in any way towards any group or protected class.  This philosophy is extended by the ownership to our staff, customers, vendors and to the community in which we live and work.  Every individual engaging in a relationship with Radio Comm Co. is afforded the same courtesies and opportunities.

Being a woman owned business; respect for all individuals regardless of their differentiations is paramount.  Our employees are encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and capabilities throughout the course of their employment.  We foster an environment of inclusion and participation. Respect by our employees for both customers as well as other employees is demanded.

Radio Comm Co., is a place of trust, respect and cooperation.  We rely on the many business relationships we have formed to further the success of our company.


RCC, Inc., D/B/A Radio Comm Co., understands the importance of being good stewards of the environment. We are committed to continually evolving and adapting in the ways we do business in an effort to protect our natural resources.  It is and has been our policy to recycle and reuse as many common office items as possible including the elimination of as much printing as possible through the use of electronic means.  Recycling takes place in our office and many steps are taken to reduce landfill waste.

Furthermore, the nature of our business requires us to be specifically attentive to electronic items that are always recycled through safe and appropriate sources.  We offer collection and safe disposal of all electronic equipment to each of our customers.  We insist on proper disposal of any and all electronic equipment by each of our employees.  We also take extra steps to break down and remove recyclable materials from items whenever feasible to do so.

We have a commitment to the sustainability of our entire region through the specific nature of our business and rely on each and every one of our employees to carry out this mission.

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